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Check out the following amazing features we provide for identifying, by identifying and much further value beyond just music identifying.
Instant Recogniztion
Music can be identified in as little as 1 second. On average 2-5 seconds for recognition.
The largest fingerprint database
We have collected over 47 million fingerprints of songs in our database.
Search by humming
Music can be retrieved by humming. No original music is required by just remembering the melody.
Share to social network
Users can share their favorite music to social networks like Facebook, twitter.
Songs can be identified automatically by APP itself. A playlist of songs are generated based on order of playing.
Recommendation of music
Songs which have similar features and based on big data recommended to users.
Synchronize cross devices
Support music synchronizing between different devices.
Removal of duplicated songs
Scan the music in storage and use digital fingerprint to remove duplicate songs.
To fill customer's need is vital to stand on the market. To identify the music just by sound provides the easiest reach the huge music data. Following industries are key beneficial to this.
Music Streaming & Download Provider
Consumer Device Manufacturers
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